Collect dues, fees, and more with Online Payments
Let an online portal supplement your in-person relationships with your customers or members by offering online payments, account access, and two-way structured communication.
We all have too many passwords to remember. Let your users login with existing social account credentials (like Google and Facebook). But your infomation needs to be secure. We can help with the right mix of simplicity and security.

Email Delivery
Emails from web applications are typically sent from mail servers other than what sends messages that you type. This frequently causes the messages sent from the application to be classified as spam. We can help ensure your messages are delivered to your users.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud technology lets you host your application for a fraction of the costs from just a few years ago. We can help you navigate hosting options like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Online Payments
Accepting online payments is a win-win for you and your users. We can help you securely accept payments and integrate with your accounting systems.

About Circlebox

Circlebox offers E-commerce portals and consulting to help organizations improve communications with their customers and members.

When you hear "E-commerce" you may think of online businesses like Amazon, but "in-person" businesses can benefit from E-commerce as well. Car repair shops and pest control companies can deliver better customer service with good online portals. Clubs can improve the lives of volunteer leaders with member portals that streamline interactions.

Circlebox can help you with:

We have our own portal application that can handle many different needs and helps save the cost of writing your application from scratch. Why re-invent the wheel if you don't need to? If you want your own application, we can help you develop that as well.

Interested in some specific projects we're working on? Take a look at our blog.